Put Luxury in your Products’ Packaging by Using Rigid Boxes – 6 Solid Evidences

Most brands put their products in luxury rigid boxes. They use kraft, E-flute corrugated, or other substances for their preparation. They may be either plain or printed. Most brands print them using PMS or CMYK color schemes. There are various options to increase their catchiness. These options may also include lamination, gloss or matte coatings, embossing, and foiling. They can also better the visual appeal of your product packaging. They are necessary for the protection of encased products. You can promote your brand by printing the brand logo and name. They may also come with die-cut windows. They let people see what is inside the products.

Your product packaging can be a deal-breaker. People only remember the best quality packaging that has won their hearts. Only memorable box designs can stay in your mind for a long time. It is challenging to create a box that will be so enduring. You may be looking for tricks that can put luxury in your rigid boxes. Here we will share some of the great tips. You can use them to create a luxurious box design.

Create Rigid Boxes with a Smart Closure and Inside Printing

A novel closure is among the best strategies. It can engage your customers’ imaginations. This means a box with a ribbon around it or one with a magnetic closure. It can captivate the receiver with the detail. The ease of using it also has something to do with the closing. You should create rigid boxes with lids by using your creativity. Ordinary lids may not help you create a lasting impression. You need to be more creative and smart to win appreciation.

You may also use a box with inner printing to surprise your customers. Their interior printing has the potential to influence customers positively. It can include printed content according to your requirements. For instance, you may print puzzles or artwork inside a rigid box with insert. You may also print board games. People will be able to play board games after removing the packaged item. Additionally, you can print thank-you letters for your devoted clients. Hence, these are smart ideas that can add luxuriousness to your packaging.

Go for Novelties on the Surface

The sensation of touch in humans is extraordinarily acute. However, touch is by no means less significant than sight. The majority of pieces of evidence suggest that sight is our primary sense. On the other hand, touch is incredibly crucial in custom printed rigid boxes. Each buyer who receives a package also makes an instant assessment of its texture and surface. Customers see if it is slick or tacky. They will also see what happens if we give it a light scrub. It will also be surprising if they can wash out the imprint. Hence, it is not a vague idea to talk about the sensation of touch. Many contemporary package designs incorporate layers. They may also come with foils, embossed structures, and debossing. They can also enhance the tactile experience of handling a box. Hence, a fast association with luxury is surface embossing on the packaging.

Create a Memorable Brand Experience

Many brands waste precious time between placing an order and delivery. The consumers look forward to receiving the item they have bought online like a child on Christmas morning. You should make the act of opening a box memorable for your buyers. Do not rush to display your product. You must respect your customer by letting him or her be the one to create a memorable first impression. For instance, you may use a transparent layer of material. You may also place a note about the product on top of it. It is a great idea to increase the duration of opening rigid boxes packaging. You may also create this experience to observe a happier consumer.

A Zesty Design of Rigid Boxes

“Zesty” refers to something that is enthusiastic. It is a vivacious box design. Your customer’s impression of you should not be that you are uninspiring. Your customers will notice something is amiss if you risk it by using too many images. Quirky typefaces may also spoil the impression. Insanity is not required for a zesty design. It’s possible to add zest to a simple design. You must take a look at what your customers expect. In this way, you may also create distinctive and bouncy patterns for your custom boxes.

Work on Enticing Artwork:

You must create amazing artwork. It should contribute to establishing an incredible brand reputation in the marketplace. Either a 3D box designer or a die-line template will be a great idea. A 3D box designer is also a great alternative if you don’t have access to expensive design tools. Die-line templates may also let you carefully manage the design of your rigid boxes wholesale. They can also help you manage fonts, colors, and alignment. You have to make sure there are no crop lines or cuts in your artwork. Your needs will also determine how to outline the typefaces and flatten the transparency. You should work on enticing artwork. They can make your packaging stunning and remarkable.

Typography Must be Stylish:

Your textual details will be easily readable if you use a thick or strong font. You may not be able to print properly if you select a delicate typeface. You must also embellish your typeface when using light-colored or white letters on a dark background. There is a potential for ink leaks. A dark background also creates an optical illusion. Thus, your text may appear smaller. However, in some cases, the text may disappear from a distance. Printing on a rigid box with divider needs a font size of 10pt. The font size for a paperboard box should be 6 points. You should ensure that the typography is stylish. It will also leave a good impression on buyers.


We can pen down by saying that you should not use all of our suggestions. You may pick one thing to focus on. For instance, you may improve the design of rigid boxes. You can also revitalize your appearance with a little rebranding. We have explained how you can put luxury into a box design. You may either follow these suggestions or be smart to use them for new ideas.

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