Basic health insurance from HollandZorg.

Basic health insurance from HollandZorg.

Basic health insurance from HollandZorg.

HollandZorg is a health insurance company based in the Netherlands. It offers basic health insurance coverage for all country residents. Basic health insurance in the Netherlands covers essential medical services and treatments.

Here are some key features of basic health insurance with HollandZorg:

  1. Essential Coverage: Basic health insurance covers essential medical care, including visits to general practitioners (GPs), medical specialists, hospitals, and emergency services.
  2. Prescription Medications: The insurance typically covers a portion of the cost of prescribed medications, although some medications may require additional co-payments or fall under a deductible.
  3. Preventive Care: Basic health insurance often includes coverage for preventive services, such as vaccinations, screenings, and certain preventive treatments.
  4. Maternity Care: HollandZorg’s basic health insurance covers prenatal and postnatal care, childbirth, and midwifery services.
  5. Mental Healthcare: Basic health insurance covers mental health services, including consultations with psychologists or psychiatrists and certain psychiatric treatments.
  6. Paramedical Care: It may include coverage for paramedical services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, although there might be some limitations or requirements for a referral.
  7. Dental Care: Basic health insurance usually does not cover routine dental care for adults. However, it provides limited coverage for dental treatments in specific cases, such as dental surgery performed by a healthcare provider.

Notably, the government regulates basic health insurance in the Netherlands and has standard coverage defined by law. All insurance companies, including HollandZorg, must offer the same basic coverage. However, specific terms, additional services, and premiums may vary between insurance providers.

To get detailed information about HollandZorg’s basic health insurance coverage, premiums, and additional services, it’s recommended to directly contact the insurance company. You can also visit their official website.

As of my last update in September 2021, HollandZorg is a Dutch health insurance company that offers basic health insurance in the Netherlands. However, please note that policies and offerings may change over time, so it’s essential to refer to the latest information on their official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date details.

Basic health insurance in the Netherlands is compulsory for all residents. It covers essential medical services, such as visits to general practitioners, hospital care, prescription medications, and certain types of medical equipment. The government standardizes coverage, so all insurance providers, including HollandZorg, offer the same basic package.

Key features of basic health insurance in the Netherlands include:

General practitioner visits Access to primary care services through registered GPs.

  1. Hospital care: Coverage for necessary hospital treatments and procedures.
  2. Medications: Partial coverage for prescription medications listed on the national formulary (Geneesmiddelen Vergoeding Systeem – GVS).
  3. Maternity care: Prenatal and postnatal care for expectant mothers.
  4. Emergency services: Coverage for emergency medical services.
  5. Some medical aids and appliances: Basic coverage for medical aids and appliances like crutches and wheelchairs.

It’s imperative to note that basic health insurance does not cover certain types of care, such as dental care (except for children under 18), some types of physiotherapy, and certain cosmetic procedures. To cover these additional services, individuals can opt for supplementary health insurance.

When considering health insurance in the Netherlands, comparing different insurance providers’ policies, including HollandZorg, is advisable. This will enable you to find the most appropriate coverage for your specific needs and budget.

As policies and regulations may have changed since my last update, I recommend visiting HollandZorg’s official website or contacting them directly. This will provide the most current and detailed information on their basic health insurance packages.

HollandZorg is a health insurance company based in the Netherlands.

They offer basic health insurance for residents of the Netherlands. Basic health insurance in the Netherlands is mandatory for all residents, and covers essential medical services.

Here are some key points about basic health insurance with HollandZorg:

  1. Coverage: Basic health insurance with HollandZorg covers essential healthcare services, including general practitioner (GP) visits, hospital care, prescription medications, maternity care, mental healthcare, and certain medical specialists.
  2. Premiums: The cost of the premium for basic health insurance is determined by several factors, such as your age, income, and the type of coverage you choose. Premiums are generally paid on a monthly basis.
  3. Deductible and excess: Basic health insurance has an annual deductible (eigen risico) that you need to pay before the insurance coverage kicks in. The deductible amount is set by the government and may change each year. Additionally, you may have an excess (eigen bijdrage) for certain types of care, where you are responsible for a portion of the costs.
  4. Coverage for specific services: Basic health insurance covers most common healthcare needs. However, there may be certain services or treatments that are not fully covered or require additional coverage or co-payment. Examples include dental care for adults, physiotherapy, and some alternative therapies. It’s important to review the specific policy details and coverage limitations.
  5. Additional coverage options: If you require coverage for services not included in the basic insurance package or desire more comprehensive coverage, you can consider supplementary insurance (aanvullende verzekering) offered by HollandZorg or other insurance providers. These additional packages can provide coverage for services like dental care, alternative therapies, and extended physiotherapy.
  6. Healthcare providers: HollandZorg has contracts with a network of healthcare providers, including hospitals, general practitioners, and specialists. Using healthcare providers within their network is generally more cost-effective, as they have negotiated rates with them.
  7. Policy renewal: Basic health insurance policies in the Netherlands are usually valid for one calendar year, starting from January 1st. You can switch insurance providers during an annual enrollment period, usually between mid-November and December.

It’s important to note that healthcare systems and insurance policies can change over time, so it’s always recommended to contact HollandZorg directly or visit their official website to get the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding their basic health insurance coverage.

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