7 Reasons For Why You Should Choose Peacock TV As Your Go-To Streaming Platform

7 Reasons For Why You Should Choose Peacock TV As Your Go-To Streaming Platform

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Are you looking for an All in one streaming platform? Well, Peacock is the one for you! Peacock TV is unarguably one of the top contenders which is owned by NBC. The platform offers a wide range of quality content, which includes popular TV shows, movies, sports, and original programs. If you are wondering why we should choose this platform, here are 7 mind-blowing reasons why Peacock TV should be the top choice.


The platform is a US-based streaming platform and is only accessible freely to the residents within the US territories. This has been worrisome for some viewers who reside outside the US regarding how they can watch their favorite programs on this amazing streaming service due to the geo-restrictions being linked to it. So don’t worry! You can watch Peacock TV in Philippines, UK, Singapore, Canada, and any other country with the help of a VPN.


Extensive Library of Content

Peacock Tv possesses a large library of amazing content which gathers a huge audience’s attention. It possesses a mix of classic and current Tv shows, movies, and exclusive content. Peacock is home to famous sitcoms like The Office and Park and Recreation and super hit movies like Jurassic Park and ET. The platform’s library contains an extensive selection that keeps the viewers entertained to the core. In addition, a wide variety of genres are available on the viewer’s selection list, including comedy, drama, action, documentaries, and more, ensuring that the viewer’s wishes are always satisfied.

Free Ad-Supported Tier

One of the best things about Peacock Tv is its Advertisement free plan. Contrary to other streaming platforms, Peacock TV allows users to watch a large part of its available content without payments and subscription charges. Although the free tier contains ads, it still provides a good chance to watch the available content, including movies and tv, without subscription charges and hidden fees. If you’re willing to enjoy quality content without paying large sums, the ad-supported free tier is the perfect pick for you.

Quality Subscription Options

Even though the free tier of the Peacock TV is alluring, the platform also provides premium subscription plans for users willing to avail of ad-free experiences and additional features. The premium tiers are Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus. Viewers can access the full content library with limited ads by availing of Peacock Premium. On the other hand, Peacock Premium Plus provides access to the full library without any advertisement. These plans allow users to customize their viewers’ experience based on their preferences and budget.


Exclusive Original Content

In recent years peacock has worked tirelessly in producing its original content giving it an edge over the others. It possesses popular shows like The Capture and Brave New World and originals like Girls5eva and Rutherford Falls, adding more options to the already amazing collection of the platform’s library. Peacock provides a diverse range of content, making the streaming experience intriguing and imperial.

Live Sports Coverage

Sports lovers can enjoy all the live streaming of sports events on Peacock TV. The platform broadcasts sporting events and provides viewers access to popular sporting events, like Premier League Football matches, PGA Tour golf, Olympics, WWE events, and many more. Live sports have become an important part of the streaming experience; Peacock TV is an excellent option for sports fans who want to watch their favorite teams and athletes in action live.


User-Friendly Interface and Features

The user interface provided by Peacock Tv makes the search and availability of the content convenient. With personalized recommendations, viewers can personalize their watching wish lists according to their tastes and habits. When you subscribe to Peacock Tv, you get the additional benefit of downloading and watching your favorite content offline without needing an internet connection. Peacock is a user-friendly platform compatible with many devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and other notable devices, making streaming easier anytime from anywhere.


Cross-Platform Accessibility

Peacock Tv provides cross-platform accessibility, which means you can switch between devices without any changes to your watch lists and progress.  This feature adds additional flexibility and facilitation to make streaming the content over different screens easier.



Peacock Tv is one of the top-grossing streaming sites that is gaining rapid growth due to the provision of its top-quality content. With different streaming services being available on the market, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, Peacock TV have made its mark in competing with the giants of the streaming sector. Peacock TV provides sublime viewers experience with top-quality Tv Shows, Movies, and Originals being an integral part of the highly decorated collection of the platform. Not only does this amazing platform have something to entertain movie lovers, but sports lovers have some amazing content to watch since Peacock Tv is holding broadcasting rights to some famous sporting events


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